Mug Coral Red

Il viaggio di Nettuno
The collection is enriched with new elements that unveil new mythological characters through the decorations, always maintaining a reference to the depths of the sea. Bronze busts with male and female faces that bring to mind submerged treasures appear on a mug. Inspired by Luke Edward Hall’s love of Greco-Roman mythology, and particularly Neptune, the Roman god of the sea, and his wife Salacia, the collection represents an unconventional vision of the art of the table, a dialogue between classical and modern. Drawings of the gods decorate plates, placeholders, cups and vases, and bold, unexpected colours infuse the chinaware with personality. With Il Viaggio di Nettuno collection, Richard Ginori reinterprets the table in a modern vein with uniquely designed objects that are veritable artistic installations.
USD 124.00 (TAXES INCLUDED - where applicable)
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